By: Julia Dondero

One day, you’re competing at your region’s high school rodeos, the next you’re roping for a piece of the $200,000 added money at the World Championship Junior Rodeo. For Guy Raasch, the WCRA Division Youth has made this exciting opportunity a dream come true for him.

The two-event cowboy has found success in his nomination strategy, nominating his Texas High School Rodeos and Texas Youth Rodeos to climb up the points leaderboard. He explained how nominating rodeos like these have been crucial in his WCRA DY success and has made sense for his game plan. Through these nominations, Raasch has already claimed his spot at the 2023 World Championship Junior Rodeo in Guthrie, Oklahoma, and currently sits in fourth and ninth place on the DY Leaderboards in Tie-Down Roping and Team Roping Heading, respectively.

Guy Raasch and Carson Sonnier during the third perf of the WCRA rodeo at the 30th annual Buc Days in Corpus Christi, Tx

Raasch is no stranger to the WCRA DY scene, as qualified for the semi-finals at the 2022 Rodeo Corpus Christi DY Incentive, as well as competing at the 2022 Cowtown Christmas Division Youth Showcase in Fort Worth. Raasch explained, “Both of these experiences have been incredible. They have truly elevated my rodeo experience and provided me with many professional skills that will help me long-term.”

Looking forward to this year’s Rodeo Corpus Christi, Raasch hopes to use his previous experience and advance further. He aims to “keep it simple” by focusing on the task at hand and doing his job to the best of his ability. The Texas cowboy is looking forward to returning to this arena, as he described last year’s environment as unbeatable. “The environment was truly electrifying and so much fun, I can’t wait to be back.”

Guy Raasch during the second perf of the WCRA rodeo at the 30th annual Buc Days in Corpus Christi, Tx

Raasch also accredits his support system for always having his back and encouraging him to be his best. Particularly, he accredits his equine partner “Rip” for his success in both the Heading and Tie-Down Roping. He thoughtfully reflected on the impact his 20-year-old gelding has made on his young career, “Rip has been with me for a few years now. He is truly an irreplaceable, special member of our family.” Using Rip in both events has also played into Raasch’s game plan of simplicity and roping smart. 

The dynamic duo aims to continue to have a successful second half of the WCRA DY segment and take it one run at a time. Raasch also reflected on how the WCRA has impacted his young career in big ways, “The opportunity to compete at the next level has been indescribable and I am grateful for all the WCRA has done for the next generation of Rodeo.”

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