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Nomination Points & Fees

DY athletes will now be eligible to earn more VRQ points at events with the bigger payouts. WCRA will be enhancing how VRQ nominations and points are awarded for DY to be similar to the open level of competition with five (5) nominations and points division levels. Age-restricted (youth) events (rodeos and jackpots) will now be ranked based on objective data to break them down into five divisions. Total payout is the greatest weighing factor that places each event into each division. 

WCRA DY World Champions will be crowned in all disciplines and the All Around (Men’s & Ladies) from both the 19U Junior Leaderboard and the 13-15 Youth Leaderboard.  World Championship cumulative points will accrue through the entire segment (May 2, 2022 – June 25, 2023) and extend through select rounds of competition during the world championship event.

Event World Points Information:

Athletes must have a minimum of fifteen (15) VRQ points on the DY23 leaderboard to be eligible to earn a World Championship.

– Points available during the DY23 Segment and World Points available at the event are included the charts below.
– A maximum of 11,300 World Points are available in each discipline during the WCJR event.

Nomination Fees and Points

Nomination Fees
*If you can’t find an event in the VRQ and app add the event, it will cost $60 to nominate. Once the event and nomination are confirmed, if there is a price difference for the nomination fee, the athlete will be contacted by the VRQ support team and refunded or upcharged.
Division Rankings

DY1 = National Finals Youth Events (NHSRA, NJHSRA, IFYR, Patriot, Youth World Finals, Little Britches, etc) and High level added money Jackpots
DY2 = State Youth Finals, Regional Youth Finals
DY3 = Regional Frequency Rodeos (NHSRA, NJHSRA, AJRA, Little Britches etc), Higher Frequency/Higher Nominations Events (Team Collins, UCR, etc.) 
DY4 = Small Frequency/Lower Nomination Events, $1,000> Payout/Jackpots
DY5 = $1,000< Payout Jackpots