By: Jolee Jordan

Deliberate and thoughtful are not words used to describe too many teenagers but they fit Daxtyn Feild to a tee.

At just 17 years old, Feild has big dreams for his rodeo career . . . Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR) appearances, gold buckles and more.

But this kid isn’t diving into the deep end of the pool without a calculated plan to ensure he reaches all of his goals.

The next step in that plan? A position in the CEAT Specialty Tires DY Showcase Rodeo held in conjunction with Rodeo Corpus Christi on May 7, 2024.

The World Champions Rodeo Alliance (WCRA) launched Division Youth (DY) back in 2019 to give young competitors the chance to earn big payouts while competing alongside the professionals in major events. Thanks to a partnership with the famed Lazy E Arena, beginning in 2023, DY was expanded to include World Championships and a season culminating event, the Cinch World Championship Junior Rodeo (WCJR) which offers $200,000 in guaranteed prize money.

It’s that opportunity that first piqued Feild’s interest.

“My dad is buddies with [WCRA President] Bobby Mote and he’s the one who introduced us to WCRA,” Feild noted. “Then we watched the [Cinch World Championship Junior Rodeo] Finals on the Cowboy Channel last year and thought that would be pretty cool.”

The Cinch WCJR doesn’t happen until July but Feild has been nominating his events, earning enough points to land eighth on the DY Leaderboard at the cutoff for Rodeo Corpus Christi; that gives the young bareback rider a chance to compete inside American Bank Center on the Corpus Christi Bayfront during the famed Buc Days.

“I’m really excited,” the Roosevelt, Utah cowboy said. “The only things I’ve been going to are high school rodeos. They’re good but I’ve never been in a big venue that like with the announcers and all that goes with it.”

Feild’s march to this point started with a passion for the sport, no doubt inherited from his ProRodeo Hall of Fame lineage.

“I’ve always wanted to do it since I was little,” Feild said. “I grew up with rodeo so I never saw anything else.”

His grandpa, Lewis Feild, won bareback and all around world titles during his reign and was a three-time Linderman Award winner to boot. Uncle Kaycee is going into the Hall this year, tribute to his unmatched six PRCA World Championships as a bareback rider.

Feild’s double-bred rodeo but his mom’s side is populated with top ropers, not bucking horse riders. Wrangler NFR competitor Rhen Richard is his uncle and lives nearby in Roosevelt.

“I’ve spent my whole life team roping with them,” Feild noted. “I’d say I’m definitely more advanced in the team roping and calf roping but I don’t love it like I love bareback riding.”

That passion for rough stock was cemented in Feild’s mind during a trip to Cheyenne Frontier Days with his Uncle Kaycee.

“I was like eight or nine,” he remembered. “I got to be behind the bucking chutes, in the locker room with all those guys.”

“That’s when I really decided this is what I wanted to do.”

Feild was forced to have patience, though, as his dad, Shad, and Kaycee made him wait to start getting on bucking horses, waiting for a developing body and growing strength, lessons learned by both men during their own youthful rodeo careers.

In the meantime, Feild rode roping horses and gathered up impressive accolades like the win at the 2021 Hooey Jr. BFI #10.5 amongst others.

The first trip aboard a bucking horse finally came when Feild was a sophomore, just over a year ago.

“It was definitely an adrenaline rush,” Feild laughed. “I thought I was going to spur the heck out of one and that was definitely not how it went.”

“But it was a great experience, great to finally get on that first one and scratch that itch.”

Now, Feild is competing in high school rodeos and still using a deliberate approach, quality over quantity.

“I try to win on the horses I’m getting on,” he said, adding, “and make sure I’m getting on good quality horses that won’t teach me any bad habits.”

Feild stays rounded, playing football and baseball, wrestling and competing in motocross.

“It’s busy,” he agreed with a laugh. “It gets pretty crazy.”

Feild is the oldest of Shad and Jazlyn’s kids, with two younger brothers as well as twin sisters who are just seven years old. He spends every morning completing his schooling, which is all done on-line.

As Rodeo Corpus looms, he is keeping to his routine for preparation, at least on the physical side.

“I’m on the spur board every day, I go to the gym every morning and I try to get on five or six practice horses a week, the same as always,” he said. “But mentally . . . ya, I’ve been dreaming about it.”

The DY Showcase happens during the opening performance along with half of the Wild Card Round for Rodeo Corpus Christi and offers a total payout of $55,000 across the eleven disciplines.

“I’m excited to be around all those good guys and try to learn something while I’m at it,” Feild said.

It’s a boys trips for the Feilds with Shad bringing Daxtyn, brothers Bronx and Mavryx, and friend Dalton Allred down from Utah for the experience.

Allred will also be bringing a gear bag but he is competing in the bull riding in the DY Showcase but it won’t be all business for the group.

“My dad’s cousin lives down there so we’re staying with him and we’re going fishing,” Feild noted.

After Corpus, the Cinch WCJR is on the horizon and Feild is planning to start nominating his roping efforts for a chance to compete in more events. He is also counting the days until his 18th birthday in December when he can join the pro ranks.

“I wanna make the NFR my first full year, which will be 2026,” he said.

He’s not stopping just at riding bucking horses at the Thomas & Mack, home of the NFR each year in Las Vegas. He is looking to maintain the whole family tradition.

“I want to win the Linderman and make the NFR on both ends.”

Lofty goals no doubt but this is no ordinary teenager picturing himself atop a professional sport. With his natural ability and access to great coaching, it’s no stretch to see Feild reaching every milestone, particularly when factoring in his mindset.

“Enjoying the process,” he said when asked what the best lesson he’s learned so far in his budding career. “That’s the best lesson I’ve learned.”

“And staying humble. That’s a big one.”

Fans can watch Rodeo Corpus Christi, including the DY Showcase Rodeo, on RidePass on Pluto TV, Cowboy Channel, and the Cowboy Channel+ App nightly on May 7-11 at 7 p.m. CDT. Fans can tune into the Triple Crown of Rodeo Round of Rodeo Corpus Christi on a CBS Sports Network broadcast on June 2 at 11:30 CDT.

Since launching in May 2018, the WCRA and its partners have awarded more than $17.6 million in new money to rodeo athletes. For more info about WCRA or the VRQ, go to

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