By: Julia Dondero

“You’re not a cowboy if you can’t do all the events.” 

Kreece Dearing, one of youth rodeo’s most competitive All Around Cowboys is a firm believer in competing in multiple events and prides himself in being a diverse hand in and out of the area. 

Growing up just an hour outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area in the small town of Chico, Tex., Dearing spends most of his time juggling between the practice pen, working on a concrete crew, and school. Balancing his time between multiple events and responsibilities has further prepared the young cowboy for his future endeavors. This Fall, Dearing will attend South Plains College to study agricultural business and compete in the Southwest NIRA Region, competing in Steer Wrestling, Team Roping, and Calf Roping.

Kreece Dearing in the Steer Wrestling during the first performance of the WCRA Buc Days Rodeo in Corpus Christi on May 10, 2023. Photo Credit: Bull Stock Media

Before the young cowboy can think about school this Fall, he has his eyes set on the CINCH World Championship Junior Rodeo at the fabulous Lazy E Arena. Competing in the Team Roping (Heading), Team Roping (Heeling), Steer Wrestling, and Tie-Down Roping, the young gun will certainly have a week full of opportunities to take home his piece of the historic $400,000+ payout. 

When asked which event was his favorite, Dearing simply explained he had no favorites. “I don’t favor any event over another because I want to work equally as hard in the practice pen for each event. I always want to give every event my all.” said the 18-year-old cowboy. 

It is this determination that has set Dearing apart from the pack. Currently, he will enter the WCJR seeded into the Semi-Finals Round in three events, making him a true contender for multiple titles, including the coveted All Around Cowboy title and qualification to the Junior Ironman Championships. 

Dearing beamed with pride as he expressed his passion for being a true All Around Cowboy, “I always wanted to be known for more than just a one-event cowboy. I’ve always looked up to Timed Event Champions like Trevor Brazile. It’s such a prestigious event and I can’t wait to compete in the same area [Lazy E Arena] ” 

Dearing explained he has big goals of being a Timed Event Champion and the WCRA and WCJR have greatly prepared him for taking these next steps in his career. At Rodeo Corpus Christi, Dearing had the opportunity to compete alongside many of his career idols, even having NFR qualifier, Riley Duvall haze for him. These experiences at multiple WCRA Major and Division Youth events have provided the young cowboy with valuable experience and the motivation to continue to elevate his skills. 

“I’m so grateful for the many opportunities provided by the WCRA. The experience and treatment athletes receive there is unlike anything else. The organization means so much to me and I’ll always be thankful for my experiences here” said Dearing. 

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